Our Year of Reading at the Irreal Cafe Looks at Earlier Reviews

The Twentieth Anniversary issue of The Cafe Irreal is in production and will be online on February 1.

As part of our celebration of The Cafe Irreal‘s twenty-year history, Our Year of Reading at the Irreal Cafe has included comments on a collection of prose poems by Ian Seed, story collections by Ken Poyner, Luis Garcia, Jeff Friedman, Brian Biswas, Vanessa Gebbie, Bob Thurber, and Ana Maria Shua, as well as plays by B E Turner (all of which contained material that had previously appeared in our pages).

Before the anniversary issue comes online, we plan to post comments on one more collection of plays, but we’d also like to call your attention to past comments on books that contained material originally published in The Cafe Irreal.

You can read Garrett Rowlan’s “Irreal expedition: a review of Zachary Mason’s Lost Books of the Odyssey” in Irreal Reviews. Note that “The Other Assassin” and “Odysseus in Hell” by Zachary Mason appeared in Issue #19 of The Cafe Irreal before The Lost Books of the Odyssey was published, first by Starcherone Books and then by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

You can also read G.S. Evans’ phantasmagorical review of George Belden’s “Land of the Snow Men,” a book that lists Norman Lock as its editor. Note that Norman Lock’s work appeared eight times in The Cafe Irreal.

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